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POSTED: 06/19/12 11:44 AM

Contractor Volker Stevin has found an interesting way to communicate with the community about the progress of the causeway across the lagoon project by opening a Facebook page.
This offers visitors the opportunity to express their opinion, but also to ask questions. As far as we have been able to establish, the contractor provides answers to those questions as well – as far as the technical aspects of the project is concerned.
This is interesting all the same, and it is also understandable that the contractor refrains from answering questions about the possibility that users will have to pay toll to use the causeway. That is a political decision and as far as we know, that decision has not been taken yet.
Volker Stevin has however set an example for transparent communication with the community that – no matter what one may think about the project itself – deserves to be copied by government agencies.

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