Editorial: Explanation owed.

POSTED: 07/1/14 2:02 AM

In 2012, the National Alliance had apparently no problem whatsoever with plans for the financing of a megalomaniacal $100 million Justice Park its Justice Minister Roland Duncan wanted to push through Parliament.

The project fell over the insane financing-conditions – an interest rate of around 10 percent – but not at the hands of the Parliament that is supposed to control the government. No, the Justice Park went down after intervention by financial supervisor Cft.

Now the National Alliance is making a fuss about plans to buy some land in Cay Hill – the same land that was once destined to become the doomed Justice Park.

Why? According to the NA, the party that supported the Justice Park only eighteen months ago, the price is too high, even though it fits well within the capital investment program of the Vromi-Ministry.

With us, the electorate would be thrilled to hear this afternoon an explanation that makes sense.

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Editorial: Explanation owed. by

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