Editorial: Energy policy

POSTED: 09/5/14 2:01 PM

The National Energy Policy is a visionary document that outlines the direction the country has to go to become less dependent on fossil fuels for its energy production.

Is this policy long overdue? Certainly, but it is there and it sketches the contours of a future populated by electric cars, solar water heaters, electric hop-on hop-off buses and an offshore wind turbine park. Is it futuristic or realistic?

Futuristic it is certainly. The realistic component depends on the willingness and ability of our decision makers to take the required action to make our energy-future a reality.

The policy will no doubt become the topic of fierce discussion, but there is nothing wrong with that. As long as that discussion is about an exchange of ideas and not about a clash of egos, the country will be better off for it.

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