Editorial: End game

POSTED: 03/4/15 12:43 PM

The risk of asking question to which one does not know the answer is getting an inconvenient response.

This applies in all likelihood to the question the committee for Kingdom Affairs and Inter-parliamentary Relations submitted yesterday for review by the Council of State:  doesn’t an instruction violate the autonomy of the countries?

The desired answer is obviously affirmative, but the more likely answer – with reference to all kinds of articles that regulate the relationship between big brother and the Caribbean countries in the kingdom – is no, or something so ambiguous that it serves nobody’s purpose.

MP Franklin Meyers put his finger on it when he said: “We get answers to these questions and then what? What is the end game?”

Indeed, that is a darn good question, in particular against the background of the instruction about the Integrity Chamber.

What if St. Maarten ignores that instruction (as it should) and goes ahead with its own legislation? What is the end game? Sending in the marines to correct something that does not need correcting?

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