Editorial: Emilio Wilson

POSTED: 02/24/14 11:56 PM

The debate about the Emilio Wilson Estate court ruling has captured the imagination of many, but few seem to understand what this is really all about. At the heart of the matter are not the financial troubles of the country but the reliability of the state as a contract partner.

If the government could get away from any commitment it makes to a private party – like the owners of the Emilio Wilson Estate – nobody would want to do business with St. Maarten anymore.

The government must be a reliable partner in contract negotiations. Period. That ought to be the end of the discussion.

Judges are there to apply the law – nothing more, nothing less – and they will quite often be confronted with governments that do their best to bend the rules as they please.

The ruling that orders the government to buy the estate is perfectly logical – no matter how damaging it could be for the state’s finances. That is of no concern to the court and that is the way it should be.

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