Editorial: Emilio Wilson Day

POSTED: 08/29/11 12:21 PM

Emilio Wilson is one of St. Maarten’s cultural icons. There is no disagreement there. Celebrating the century anniversary of Milo’s birth date at the park that carries his name, the suggestion was made to name a street after him.
Great idea: parliament president Gracita Arrindell will file a motion in parliament to get this done.
Another suggestion was to turn the estate into a national park. Also a great idea, but a bit more complicated to execute. For one, the estate is in private hands and the government lacks funds to buy it. Also, the owner has other ideas.
Here is a third suggestion; one Gracita Arrindell could run with when she tables a motion to name a street after our cultural icon.
Make August 28 Emilio Wilson Day, an official celebration of the islands cultural heritage. Make it an official holiday, involve our schools, and put a structure in place to organize events that do justice to the memory of a man who was, as we heard yesterday, as eccentric as he was generous. Make it a day that will make St. Maarten proud.

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