Editorial: Education reform

POSTED: 07/2/14 11:16 PM

The speech at by Didacus Jules at the Governor’s Symposium hit a nerve, especially when we consider that most crime on the island is committed by the young, in particular young males. The education system here, and across the region, is failing to connect to its audience, leaving a huge demographic and social time bomb: a large pool of relatively unskilled people with little hope of meaningful careers.

A holistic and bigger picture approach must be taken in order to remedy things. For one thing, the language of instruction plays a big role. Although we are part of the Dutch kingdom, English has been the traditional language spoken throughout much of St. Maarten’s history, reinforced by the fact that the two main dailies are written in English.

That there is a link between a dysfunctional education system and crime rates should be obvious to anyone who pays attention. The danger becomes more real as time goes on, when more and more of the baby boomer generation retire, and there are fewer and fewer qualified people able to replace them.


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