Editorial: Dualism at work

POSTED: 10/20/11 1:52 PM

Amidst the controversy about coming to a national anthem here is a glowing ember of truth that our young country can be proud of. That glowing ember is the fact that dualism is at work in this young democracy.
We come to that conclusion because while Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport is still busy preparing a competition to come to a national anthem, her party colleague Romain Laville has taken to Facebook to consult with people on the issue. This is a good thing as it shows that a year into the status elected and appointed functionaries are starting to understand their role.
This glowing ember must now be fanned into a great flame that will prove to the people of this country that the coalition is not a rubber stamp, that it will do its own research and consultation and that it will come to meetings prepared for what parliament is about – a rousing, information filled debate on issues.
Let it be clear that dualism does not mean that ministers and MPs from the same party are going through infighting at all times. More often than not it is a sign that each accepts their role and is ready to exercise it in the checks and balances that make a democracy work. Of course politics creates factions within factions, but in this instance and I’m sure more to come, ministers will have to accept that even within their party, there is not sufficient support on a matter.
As in all things a balance must be struck on how far the criticism goes, but having a different stance does not mean that there is disfavor. It simply means that MPs will have seen past the party’s line and chosen for the people instead.

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