Editorial: Drought

POSTED: 08/7/15 12:44 PM

Yes the first rain has fallen, on and off these past couple of days, but it is by far not enough. The unprecedented drought has affected those who are farming on the island big time, and from what we hear, they are all left to fend for themselves, unlike on the French side where the state has jumped in with a €20,000 emergency plan.

The drought has pushed the island with its nose on a hard reality. Nature does not bend to people’s wishes or needs, it requires a caring attitude – and exactly that is something we have somehow lost over the decades.

Bushman warns that the rains that will undoubtedly come sooner or later will be heavy. In that sense, the moment may come where we are getting more than we are asking for right now.

The situation ought to be a lesson for the future though. The island needs, as Bushman points out, a better agricultural structure – and someone will have to put that in place.

That seems to be primarily a job for the minister of economic affairs. Unfortunately, he seems to be more interested in beauty queens than in these kinds of problems.

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