Editorial: Don’t just charge it

POSTED: 12/21/11 9:41 AM

Some politicians are really good with excuses, especially when they feel they are being painted black. In fact one can summarize that politicians can eloquently justify using tax payer money for personal reasons.

The latest examples are the statements made by former Presidents of the Parliament of the Netherlands Antilles when it comes to their use of a credit card they were allowed to have. A $100 luncheon is billed a meeting with a member of a foreign legislature, but there’s no statement on what was accomplished. Much like the scandal in the English House of Commons over MP spending, the responses that have been given to the SOAB are such pilfer and really some of the men who were President of Parliament should be made to pay back for costs that were not justifiably made.

Whether these men of high office were clear on the rules or not when they held office, it is their responsibility to ensure that now that things have been made somewhat clearer that they give back what they took undeservedly.

We quickly admit that there are perks of being in high office, but let’s all also recognize that public resources are often scarce and it is important that every cent spent helps to accomplish a tangible goal for the people of the nation, who pay for politicians to represent their best interest.

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