Editorial: Donation policy

POSTED: 01/28/13 2:04 PM

When interim manager Pieter Drenth left the TelEm Group of companies in September 2009 he left behind what he labeled as “a stringent donation policy.” Controversial donations like the $25,000 Maria Buncamper-Molanus’ Sky is the Limit Foundation received in 2008 (and that almost cost her her job as a commissioner) were, as far as Drenth was concerned a thing of the past.

Donations are for something that has a link with telecom or for something with a large social interest, Drenth pointed out at the time. He mentioned Aids as an example. Drenth also set a budget for donations.

As a government-owned company, TelEm has now become the main sponsor of Carnival, without divulging details about the financial part of the deal.

It seems prudent to clarify whether Drenth’s donation-policy is still in place, what the actual budget is TelEm has set aside for it, and based on which criteria organizations qualify for financial support.

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