Editorial: Domestic violence

POSTED: 11/7/12 12:43 PM

The month leading up to the holidays in December is dedicated to domestic violence – one of the greater ills in our community.

Every now and then somebody ends up in court for ill-treating a wife or a girlfriend. But what we see in court is the tip of the iceberg.

Too many women and girls are afraid to file a complaint because of the consequences they foresee. A broken relationship usually means economic uncertainty and the step into the unknown is not easily taken by abused women.

To all those women and girls we say: there is help out there. We know that domestic violence is high on the list of priorities at the prosecutor’s office and we also know that Safe Haven is working hard to provide shelter to those who need it most.

Do not suffer in silence, but take action – take the step towards a life free of violence.

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