Editorial: Distorted picture

POSTED: 08/26/13 1:31 PM

What is it with the Cadastre that subsequent ministers feel they have to intervene? The statement we received yesterday from the Cadastre’s management sheds some light on the situation. For years now the Cadastre has kept employees on the payroll in functions for which they had no qualifications. Attempts to help these workers by offering training, have not always worked out.

Now Vromi Minister Maurice Lake wants to appoint a change manager, apparently unaware that that change manager has already been working at the Cadastre since 2009.

We are four years and several ministers down the road, and still employees are resisting change. It is time for the minister to get acquainted with the complete picture. It would certainly contribute to a better understanding of what is really going on. For now, as the picture remains distorted, any action will end up addressing the wrong issues. That is not in the interest of citizens that depend on the information and the services the Cadastre is designed to provide.

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  1. Francis D. Hodge says:

    The Cadaster Manager Mr. Roos, charged me over fl6000.00 for a title search which I could get as soon as I paid. When I attempted to pay, I was informed that the report was not ready. In the end there was never a report made up. Are you saying that incompetents faked my Title search? Up to today, where I am living is considered “Terra Nullius” as they have claim to have no idea who it belongs to. Patrick claimed it belonged to the Bisdom Curacao, but still issued a Meetbrief for it. I’m even afraid to pass near the Cadaster building as I was threatened that I would be charged “as soon as I put foot in the door”. Cadaster personnel were instructed to levy a fee on me before they even found out what I wanted. There are some good people working there, but that pace is a cesspool of corruption.