Editorial: Dispute

POSTED: 09/27/13 3:12 PM

The dispute between BZV Curacao and country Sint Maarten about claims to the tune of 16 million guilders show that there are still quite some skeletons in the cupboards of the now defunct Netherlands Antilles.

No matter how the court rulings in this dispute may end, this example suggests that St. Maarten has more outstanding debts than what it stands to collect from the division of assets and liabilities.

The court has now rejected a 9.7 million guilders claim from BZV, but two other claims totaling more than 6 million guilders are still open. Sooner or later, St. Maarten may be sentenced to pay these amounts.

For a cash-strapped government that is tackling the 2014 budget with cost-control as its foremost mission in mind, such reports only put more pressure on its cost-cutting drive.

Sadly, in the end citizens will pay the price for these situations – be it with higher taxes or with fewer services.


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