Editorial: Disgrace

POSTED: 08/31/11 1:08 PM

People are wondering why on earth they are unable to file a complaint at the office of the Ombudsman. Today’s front page story reveals what is happening, or better: what is not happening.
Ombudsman Arduin finds herself trapped in a situation taken straight from a Joseph Heller novel; the sad truth is that her office seems to have become the victim of the red tape she is supposed to be fighting on behalf of frustrated citizens.
For years politicians have depicted country status as the Promised Land for the island territory. But now that this status is ours, we seem unable to live up to it.
The Ombudsman has decent furniture only because the supplier took a chance by delivering without demanding upfront payment, but the supplier of a staff car thought better of it; the same goes for the company that has to deliver a computer system.
It is, of course, a disgrace and it also looks like this dismal situation has escaped the attention of all our parliamentarians.

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