Editorial: Disgrace (honoring Rotary Club Paul Harris Fellowships)

POSTED: 06/20/13 11:13 AM

Yesterday’s editorial about the Rotary Club’s standards for naming citizens Paul Harris Fellow lacked clarity about our opinion. We wrote that, according to Rotary, candidates must meet high professional and personal standards. Our point was – and is – that the distinction loses value if these standards are not upheld.

We made the remark because the Rotary decided to make Claudius Buncamper a Paul Harris Fellow. In 2008 Buncamper gave up his seat on the TelEm board after a row over a donation from the telecom provider to the Sky is the Limit foundation of which his wife was the president. In that same year Buncamper and his wife sold the economic ownership of a piece of government-owned leased land for $3 million to the bogus company Eco-Green. This scandal forced Maria Buncamper-Molanus to step down as Minister of Public Health, Social Affairs and Labor.

The same Maria Buncamper-Molanus is now the President of the Rotary Club of St. Maarten that saw fit to honor her husband as a Paul Harris Fellow. In our opinion that is a disgrace and it does not do justice to the other two Paul Harris Fellows, Robert Dubourcq and Rebecca Low.

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Editorial: Disgrace (honoring Rotary Club Paul Harris Fellowships) by

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  1. Michael says:

    I totally agree. The fact that the prosecutor’s office recently cleared them, even makes the prosecutor’s office look more dubious.

    How Rotary can put this behind them may even point to it’s President, Claudius’ wife. All in the family. Actually it is an insult to have two upstanding people stood up against this man.

    We also never heard the result of the investigation into Public Works Department resources being commandeered by Mr. Buncamper to help his beloved UP Party during the last election at government expense.

    Plenty more question marks on this so-called person of high personal and professional standards.

    Thank you for the reminder in this editorial.