Editorial: Disastrous

POSTED: 10/16/11 11:30 PM

To call the fifteenth murder of the year discouraging is an understatement. The year 2011 has now pulled level with the disastrous and violent year 2006, when also fifteen people were killed.
What to do? The logical position is to accept the situation as it is. To say that is politically unacceptable of course, as it would be unacceptable for anybody in law enforcement to shrug shoulders and say something like: things are the way they are. Get used to it.
And yet, this is indeed the reality we have to live with. We have now again experienced two murders within a time span of six days. How much worse could it possibly get?
One remark we heard yesterday stuck, especially because it will help ordinary citizens to deal with their fears. That remark was: nobody gets shot for any reason.
Well, that may be true for a majority of the murders (many are drug related), but they seem not to apply to the Maho killing of Michael Grainville or, as far as we know now, the murder of businessman Mark Deygoo.
Law-abiding citizens are safe, most of the time, and the best way to deal with this situation is to keep ears and eyes wide open and report anything suspicious to the authorities.
The anonymous tip line number is 9300.

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