Editorial: Departure of MP Laville

POSTED: 09/10/13 2:33 PM

Independent MP Romain Laville announced yesterday what may have been his last speech in parliament.

That seems a bit early, given the fact that his current term in office only ends after next year’s elections. If it is Laville’s intention never to set foot in the parliament building again from now on, voters will be forgiven for feeling cheated.

To be fair to Laville, it has been clear for a long time that he did not feel at home in the political arena. His departure from the United People’s party – where he once was the faction leader – and the subsequent fall of two cabinets in which he played a role in fact said it all. This is not a man for wheeling and dealing, not a man for the backroom compromise.

Everyone remembers his passionate plea for the workers at the former Pelican Resort – and everyone remembers how his faction called him to order. In a way it is amazing that Laville stayed the course for so long, though he would do his voters justice by sticking to his parliamentary duties for the remainder of his term.

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Editorial: Departure of MP Laville by