Editorial: Debate in a democracy

POSTED: 11/27/11 10:41 AM

Article 10 of the country’s constitution guarantees every one living here the right to not just have, but to air their own opinion. An interesting discussion can now emerge as to how this freedom is exercised.

We make this point based on a statement in Parliament by Democratic Party faction leader Roy Marlin when he called for his colleagues to condemn the fact that both he and his colleague Jules James had to be led away from the Parliament Building by a security detail. One safely argues that the way one particular woman got into Marlin’s personal space was over the top. However, she was exercising her right to freely air her displeasure with his stance on what happened to the workers at Simpson Bay Resort and Marina.

While Marlin is correct that there must be respect for the elected and appointed officers in the country, there must also be a realization on the part of those officials that when they make certain political charged statements they will provoke a deep reaction. Let us also not forget: Hoge bomen vangen veel wind (Tall trees catch lots of wind).

So yes everyone in a democracy must be able to freely express their opinion be the street sweeper or elected official, but that means they must also be prepared for the equal and opposite reaction that is sure to follow.

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