Editorial: Cutting and retaining

POSTED: 06/25/12 3:15 PM

Telem has woken to the statement that time and technology waits for no man and no company. The recognition jumps out for all to see from the statement the company’s management issued on Sunday about the ongoing restructuring. In one line it points out that traditional use of the telephone (calling) is dead or dying and new realities (texting, instant messaging, Voice over Internet Protocol (Voip) are firmly on the scene.
What is also apparent is that the company is doing its best not throw soon to be staffers out into the cold with no help. They even lightly brush against the possibility that the new company will be just as employee heavy as before. Whether that will be the case will emerge in time.
One key thing that Telem’s management and the staffers should remember is that those who the company let’s stay in the fold that don’t the “stringent” criteria should be retrained as soon and as much as possible. This will ensure that the company truly runs more efficiently. Not executing some sort of training program will only lead the company down a road of stagnation.

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