Editorial: Crying over spilt milk

POSTED: 09/17/13 2:29 PM

The details we publish today about the history of the American University of the Caribbean make clear that the Tien-family pumped millions upon millions of dollars through the school into foreign bank accounts.

Nobody stopped them, nobody asked questions, but now that they are gone some politicians suddenly want the tax inspectorate to put the details of an individual tax payer on public display.

Our stories indicate that the Tien-family was politically well-connected in St. Maarten and that this could possibly explain why nothing was done when the Cayman-construction (whereby part of the faculty’s salaries were paid from an entity in the Cayman islands) became public in May 2011.

The former owners now claim to have a legal and binding agreement with the tax inspectorate – and they most likely have a valid point.

It is no use crying over spilt milk but it appears that this is exactly what some politicians are now doing.

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