Editorial: Crisis intervention

POSTED: 10/31/12 12:11 PM

Minister De Weever’s intention to take crisis intervention away from the Mental Health Foundation and move it to Turning Point seems to make little sense. The MHF is fully equipped for this task, complete with a resident psychiatrist, while Turning Point’s main focus is on the treatment of people with alcohol of drug addictions.
In the past it has even become clear that Turning Point is not interested in dealing with clients suffering from a mental condition.
Yet, we learn from a statement from the Mental Health Foundation, it seems that the decision has been taken without consulting parties in the front line of mental health care – especially the families of patients.
There has also been no public debate about this decision, nor has the public received any information from the ministry about it.
All this makes us wonder which interests are being served here. It seems that those of the patients and their families and caregivers have been sent to the back seat, or worse: that they have been completely ignored.

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