Editorial: Crime shift

POSTED: 02/29/12 2:02 PM

While endless resources have been poured into the unwinnable war against drugs, criminal organizations are already one step ahead. The drug trade is not dead yet, but criminals have found other activities to keep them occupied. They have a few things in common: the profits are high and the risks of getting caught are low.

One of these new criminal activities is the production and distribution of counterfeit medicine. The internet plays a big role in this dangerous business that targets unsuspecting and vulnerable citizens. One of the ways to fight this is to make consumers aware of the situation.

One could apply the Chinese proverb parliamentarian Leroy de Weever once quoted in the former Island Council: “Cheap no good, good no cheap.” The obvious problem is to get this message across to the most vulnerable consumers.

The other crime with relatively low risk and high profits is the trade in women. Today the owner of the Border Bar in Oyster Pond will appear in the Court in First Instance to answer to charges that, freely translated, amount to modern day slavery.

With this shift in criminal activities in mind, the time may have come for the competent authorities to re-assess the resources that now go to the fight against drugs.

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