Editorial: Creating jobs

POSTED: 03/19/15 6:54 PM

Members of Parliament love talking about creating jobs for the people. The latest cry is coming from MP Maurice Lake, the former Minister of Vromi, who urges the government to create work for local contractors.

It sounds sympathetic – no question about it – but when governments create work they are most likely whipping up jobs out of thin air that do not really exist. What government-created jobs do is eating up taxpayers’ money that could be used in better ways.

The government’s task is creating the conditions that enable private companies to flourish. If this is done properly, real jobs will come into being that do not cost the state any money, but that actually generate more income for the state.

Our parliament and our government wish to go in the opposite direction, for instance with their doomed counterpart policy that will needlessly drive up the cost of doing business and push more people out of a job.

When will our decision makers wake up to this reality?


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