Editorial: Courtroom Drama

POSTED: 05/28/12 2:33 PM

The trial of Brooks Tower project leader Evelyn H. offered plenty of courtroom drama yesterday. The career civil servant is looking at a mild sentence but the damage the whole affair has done to her life is devastating.
That damage is beyond repair. The defendant should not have taken the decisions she took but then, Justice Minister Roland Duncan should not have given her the instruction “to help everybody” either. His request to help out department of communications head Erno Labega with papers for a woman he incorrectly claimed to be working at Labega’s Delta Hotel is not exactly kosher either.
Evelyn H. got caught up in the mess the Brooks Tower project became and even though her verdict is still pending, she is already paying a heavy price for her decision to answer Duncan’s call to help everybody.
As far as we’re concerned, the defendant should hold her head up high, while we are waiting to see which other skeletons will still emerge from the Brooks Tower closet.

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