Editorial: Counterparts

POSTED: 09/30/14 12:42 AM

That Cornelius de Weever turned his back to the Democratic Party and the coalition with the National Alliance and the United St. Maarten party over the counterpart-policy is simply not believable. Yesterday we learned that the Council of Ministers approved this policy in August and it is currently at the Council of Advice.

This decision flies in the face of a crushing advice from the Social Economic Council that declared last year that the counterpart-policy is detrimental for our economy. Worse, it will especially affect small businesses, the backbone of any local economy, and the livelihood of the small man.

Why then, is De Weever, currently still in office as the Minister of Labor, so hooked on this policy? And why is it reason to switch allegiance while in fact the Council of Ministers already signed off on it?

For the economy, it would be good if the counterpart-policy simply went nowhere. For voters, it would be nice if De Weever provided insight in his real reason for running off to the UP.

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  1. me says:

    Because THEO offered Conny 5 million U$! Counterpart my ass.