Editorial: Corporate citizen (Westin)

POSTED: 10/8/12 1:57 PM

Court rulings against the Westin hotel are rolling in thick and fast these days and they all carry the same message: the Westin is not what one would call a good corporate citizen.
That is a pity, because the hotel is the stage for quite some local events. But the noise pollution stemming from its sewage treatment plant, its generator and its cooling towers have upset many of its neighbors. The low point in this sage was of course the hotel’s decision to ban Princess Height’s manager Emil Lee from its premises because he had filed a lawsuit against it for noise pollution. The Westin lost that case as well, and now it has to admit Lee again to events.
It is about time for the Westin to take some positive action and refresh its damaged public image. The way things are going now, the hotel is at the source of one bad news story after the other and that cannot possibly benefit the country’s fragile tourism industry.

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  1. dave says:

    The place looks like a prison from the outside. There is no convenient access for external workers such as musicians with equipment. The staff are not always helpful or even courteous. Yes they have a LOT to do.