Editorial: Cornered

POSTED: 10/17/12 5:23 PM

The publication of bank statements on Curacao’s whistleblower website Curaleaks suggesting hefty payments from Italian gaming company BPlus into the account of MFK-leader Gerrit Schotte’s girlfriend Cicely van der Dijs drew an angry reaction from BPlus-owner Francesco Corallo. Maybe they are fake; maybe they are invented, Corallo stated.

This is exactly why we asked Corallo for a reaction, but his statement seems to indicate that the Atlantis World Group and BPlus boss feels cornered and also feels the need to lash out at the media.

And all this while we actually agree with Corallo that it is quite possible that the documents Curaleaks has published are phony. We simply don’t know – and Corallo could have done himself a favor by providing a clearer statement. By saying that even he does not know that the payments were made he is giving his opponents ample space to believe that the documents are genuine.

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