Editorial: Core tasks of Government

POSTED: 08/15/13 1:00 PM

The initiative to do a study into the core tasks of government is a good one, for sure. It is also an initiative that could lead to some unrest in the civil service, certainly after Prime Minister Wescot-Williams floated the idea to outsource certain services.

The bottom line for citizens is obviously the quality of service – whether these services come from an in-house government department or from a third party.

Because outsourced services will – if things are done properly – always go to the party that offers the best price, some caution is warranted in this respect.

Private parties with the ability to provide a better level of service against the best possible price are obviously welcome as long as the government keeps a keen eye on their performance.

Besides it would not be a bad thing for the civil service to feel the pressure of market competition: that could even lead to better service by government departments.


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