Editorial: Continuity

POSTED: 03/12/14 6:03 PM

Calling a minister a pathological liar is not something we hear politicians say every day. So when National Alliance leader William Marlin dropped that bomb on his successor Maurice Lake at a press conference yesterday, we started wondering about the consequences.

When ministers lie to parliament, they are toast the next day in most other countries. Not in St. Maarten, though. Even Marlin acknowledged yesterday that the local political culture is different.

So there will be no consequences then. That leaves the electorate wondering why we have a so-called constitutional democracy wherein it is allowed for ministers to lie to parliamentarians and for parliamentarians to return the favor by calling them pathological liars.

It is true that Minister Lake has made a habit of badmouthing about everything Marlin ever did when he was in government. It is time to stop doing that, to focus on solutions for the problems at hand and to keep in mind that there is indeed continuity in government. Or at least there ought to be.

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