Editorial: Continued teething problems

POSTED: 10/11/11 1:40 PM

With a year of country status behind us there continues to be evidence of teething problems and it is likely that there will continue to be issues as the country braces for the terrible twos. Yes, that’s the analogy today. Because if we compare our country to a child who is born and then must grow, the second year is one that most parents fear, because while there is a growth spurt from 0 to 1 year old, things get more complicated at two.
In our young nation’s life things are now critical though and every person who serves as parent or godparent must be ready to steer and guide, to chase after and bandage up, and yes they must be ready to keep the wrong at bay and instill the right. That co-responsibility for building this nation is key. It will at times cause debate because not all of us will agree on the course of action. It will also be key therefore that we remember that while we may not agree, we must get lost in endless battles and debates. We must at some point individually and collectively take decisions so that the nation can move on.
What is also key is that we remember that as the child grows, we must change and adapt and when a given moment comes, we must be prepared to let go and have someone else lead the next stage of its development. Monday was a chance to bury hatchets and pull out hammers, so that building this nation will continue, day by day, person by person and block by block.

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