Editorial: Compliment

POSTED: 11/22/12 1:24 PM

Minister de Weever made a remarkable appearance at yesterday’s press briefing where he tore up a copy of this newspaper. A bigger compliment is hard to come by.

The minister respects freedom of the press but he respects objective journalism even more. We have no argument there, so we really wonder what the problem is.

We reported about incorrect statements made by the ministry’s inspectorate, and we substantiated those claims with unbiased expert opinion. We reported about the fact that the SMMC had to take the minister to court over a simple request for information. We also reported about the ministers out of control letter to the medical center in which he denies to provide that information.

To our surprise, part of the information the minister declared a threat to the government’s unity in his November 16 letter to the SMMC, was made public in yesterday’s press briefing.

Apparently our objective reporting has hit a nerve. We will continue to follow this story and bring our readers everything they need to know, not just what the government wants them to know.

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