Editorial: Complete supervision

POSTED: 07/27/12 12:20 PM

Apparently, the Kingdom Council of Ministers has learned its lessons from the failed supervision it imposed on St. Maarten in the nineties of last year. The move to oblige the Schotte-government in Willemstad to submit all its decisions immediately for approval to Governor Goedgedrag firmly closes the door on any hanky-panky to get around the Kingdom instruction.

How this will work out remains to be seen. The governor is only able to look at what is submitted to him; it still does not exclude the possibility for Schotte to pull a few fast ones. The Kingdom will only find out about such maneuvering in the dark when it is too late.

And then what?

In a country where Helmin Wiels advises MAN-dissident Cleopa “to order a coffin” anything is possible.

For the moment, the Schotte-cabinet is the laughing stock of Caribbean politics, but most people are not laughing at all. They wonder how much worse things will become before they get better.

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Editorial: Complete supervision by

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