Editorial: Complete openness

POSTED: 11/23/12 12:42 PM

Citizen Michael Ferrier asks in a letter we publish today on our opinion page a couple of pertinent questions of MP Louie Laveist. We figure that as the president of the Democratic Party and as a citizen with a long history in local politics, Ferrier knows a thing or two about the wheeling and dealing that is going on behind the scenes.
And yet, we are not completely happy with a letter of this nature, because the questions it contains – posed outside of the political arena – suggest something that may or may not be there. This is why we support complete openness in these matters: publish the names of the companies that hold the licenses for buses and taxis, publish the names of the companies that lease licenses to Chinese supermarket owners, publish all the side jobs and side functions of our politicians and make the shareholder registers of companies they have a stake in public as well.
That way, Ferrier won’t have to write this kind of letter anymore, people who want to know these things will have their curiosity satisfied and those who are up to no good will think twice about it before they do anything.

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