Editorial: Community action

POSTED: 11/4/11 12:05 PM

The Collective Prevention Services has recorded a 500 percent drop in the number of dengue cases when they do a comparison of the period of January to August 2011 with January to August, 2010. That for us is a sign that the community has taken prevention of the illness seriously and worked along to ensure that the mosquito population is reduced.
We raise this example because the commitment that has been used to stamp out dengue must also be used to get rid of other ills in our society and to cure us of so many of the health challenges we have.
Community action is what will help us to reduce crime. We’ve said that before, be we also believe that it cannot be said enough. We must commit to not taking the shortcuts and continue to re-enforce our respect for people who work hard to get what they want.
Community action is necessary to ensure that we reduce the incidence of non-communicable and sexually transmitted disease as we not only take responsibility for our personal protection, but that we also share with others the personal stories of why prevention is better than cure. We must also work on managing our conditions once they are contracted so that we can continue enjoying life and contributing to our societies.
Community action is also necessary to save our environment. Each of us can play a part in this by using the three Rs of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This little paradise is our home. Let’s all show our pride in it by keeping it as clean and preserved as possible.
The basic message here is that community action is proven to work so let’s use it to ensure that we have the best lives possible, as quickly as possible.

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