Editorial: Common sense in King murder trial

POSTED: 02/21/13 9:12 AM

The Common Court of Justice has found solid legal grounds to keep murder-suspect Meyshane J. behind bars. That is a relief, not only for the family and friends of murder victims Thelma and Michael King, but also for the public prosecutor’s office that found itself in a bind after slipping up and serving a summons to this suspect too late in January.

Common sense tells us that you do not release somebody who has confessed to two gruesome murders based on a technicality. But courts do not rule based on common sense – their rulings are based on the law. We hear that there is jurisprudence indicating that suspects have been released in the past after their summons was declared void – so the risk of this particular suspect getting away with murder was real. That this did not become a reality is, according to the ruling, due to the fact that the defendant’s attorney forgot to ask the court for her client’s release on January 10. That’s something to be grateful for.

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