Editorial: Comedy show

POSTED: 08/25/11 12:46 PM

St. Maarten and Curacao are apparently not seeing eye to eye, at least if we have to go with vice Prime Minister Theo Heyliger’s initiative to ditch his UTS Blackberry and to buy himself a 3G TelEm one instead.
The Vice PM will “eat locally” from now on, a statement that confirms that he has been eating out for a very long time.
But is there any substance to these theatrics? We wonder very much.
That UTS is the natural strategic partner for TelEm is a no-brainer. Everybody knows it, but nobody acts upon it. Now it is that the companies fit “technically” well together, but because politicians in Curacao have started to treat us badly, there is no way St. Maarten wants to get into such a partnership.
Never mind that, as TelEm’s long departed interim CE Pieter Drenth once said, the local telecom provider could be run with less than one hundred employees while it has a payroll double that number. That is the real problem, not a wild or possibly misunderstood statement by Curacao’s telecom minister.
Bickering like this has never done anybody any good, even though consumer ratings for the Heyliger comedy show will probably be high. It’s time to find common ground, and it’s time to work out a deal that makes sense to all parties.

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