Editorial: Coincidence

POSTED: 02/28/13 12:31 PM

The trial of a Venezuelan suspect who was found in August of last year with $690,000 in cash in a home he leased on St. Maarten triggers many questions. The court postponed the trial yesterday amid a flurry of arguments and counter arguments.

One aspect remains a mystery for the time being. How did all this money arrive on the island? Were customs officers looking the other way? Did our suspect maybe travel to our island to collect money and are all these dollars therefore homegrown?

After all, in November the prosecution made an allusion to a drug investigation – possibly Snowflake. In that investigation, officers confiscated 170 kilos of cocaine from a home in Cole Bay and one ought to expect that the owners of that shipment will come knocking one day to demand compensation for their losses.

That there is a possible drug connection also comes to mind because the action against this defendant was based on information from the American Drug Enforcement administration.

Is there anybody around who still believes all this is just unfortunate coincidence?

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