Editorial: Clear message

POSTED: 09/30/13 1:15 PM

While Minister De Weever was not physically present, he sent a loud and clear message to the community in his address to the Transforming Care congress at the Westin on Saturday evening. We have remained silent for too long about mental health issues, the minister said and it is about time to change that.

Putting clients first, and making all citizens, decision makers and institutions realize that mental health challenges are not going to go away and that the situation will only become more precarious in the foreseeable future may sound like alarmist politics.

But this happens to be real; there is no other way to put it. Add to this that the concept of the participating society will most likely come to St. Maarten as well and it ought to be clear that, as the minister correctly pointed out, that soon everybody will be confronted with mental health issues – directly or indirectly.

The Transforming Care congress seems to be here at a most opportune time.

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