Editorial: Clean sweep

POSTED: 01/20/13 7:51 PM

The immigration department is opening the hunt for illegal employees and warns employers that they will be hit with 5,000-guilder fines for each violation. The actions seem to target especially the hospitality industry since the control unit perceives that this is where most of the workers without permits are employed.
One may well wonder about the timing of such an action during the high season. Another question is about what these controls aim to achieve. Hitting companies with hefty fines feels more like a hunt for revenue than an attempt to solve a problem.

When the Brooks Tower Accord investigation showed that there were around 1,600 illegal workers on the island, Justice Minister Roland Duncan said that he was not going to throw these people off the island, since most of them are working and have in many cases school-going children.
Apparently the wind has changed and the control unit is now getting ready for what was dubbed in the announcement of yesterday’s press conference as Operation Clean Sweep.

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