Editorial: Clarity needed on the Vorst family land deal

POSTED: 06/29/14 5:26 PM

Two issues need greater clarity and Vromi Minister Maurice Lake is the one who is currently responsible for providing that clarity.

One issue involves the land deal with the Vorst family who recently dropped their court case against the state. Former Justice Minister Roland Duncan initially signed off on a purchase agreement worth $8.7 million, $3.2 million more than is currently being offered.  What is not clear is how either of those figures were arrived at; can the current deal be justified at $495 per square meter?

Another thing that needs further clarification is the criteria for being eligible to qualify for GEBE’s senior relief program. Is simply being a senior sufficient? What about wealthy seniors? Should they, too, benefit from a program obviously intended to help out those less financially fortunate?

Both these issues will require greater clarity and, hopefully, on Monday’s meeting in Parliament, Minister Lake can at least shed some light on one of them.

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Editorial: Clarity needed on the Vorst family land deal by

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