Editorial: Citizenship

POSTED: 08/30/11 12:33 PM

Monday was a good start of the week for our local police force. Shortly after six, eight detectives, a phone call: Omar Nelson, a 20-year old fugitive criminal, had been located. Within ten minutes the officers were not only out of bed, they were also at the police station, ready for action. By seven o’clock Nelson, aka Chucky was handcuffed and shackled.
Maybe some people will react like, what took them so long? After all, Chucky has been on the run for an astonishing 162 days.
The real question is however: what took you (the citizen) so long. Because the arrest team was only able to make the arrest after it received a tip from a citizen whose identity understandably was not made public.
Chucky will be behind bars for a very long time, thanks to a citizen who understood that the police needed his (or her, we don’t know) cooperation.
We congratulate the police with the arrest, but we also congratulate the citizen who gave the tip: it’s citizenship at its best.

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