Editorial: Chokehold

POSTED: 08/6/15 6:59 PM

The chokehold discussion in the Netherlands seems to be fueled by – understandable – emotional arguments and take away the focus from the reality police officers face in their work on a daily basis.

As our chief commissioner points out, the chokehold is not the first choice for police officers when they are about to arrest someone. They use much less intrusive judo-techniques, if they have to use them at all.

Only when someone resists arrest, other options come into play and the chokehold is one of them.

We agree that police violence should be proportionate and we absolutely object to police brutality.

But citizens have to realize that resisting arrest potentially has far-reaching consequences, as the Mitch Henriquez-case in The Hague has shown.

However, to use this event as an argument to ban the police from using certain techniques against people who resist arrest is in our opinion going too far.

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