Editorial: Choices (upcoming elections)

POSTED: 07/11/14 12:48 AM

Another coalition government or one-party rule? Those the options are currently going around in the minds of our politicians. The UP is after an absolute majority – and therefore one-party rule. Others are not so sure.

DP-leader Wescot-Williams hit the nail on the head yesterday when she said that the choice is not about systems but about the people that operate in it.

It is possible to dream up all kinds of rules – like having to pay your share in campaign expenditures when you jump ship – but that will do nothing to change the underlying problem. This way candidates can still go independent, only now the powers that want to drag them to the other side will have to cover their campaign costs. Seats in parliament get a price.

Even in a scenario whereby one party wins an absolute majority on August 29 there is no guarantee that the winner will be able to hold its ship together for four long years.

In that sense, it really does not make much difference whether the new government will be a coalition or a one-party powerhouse.

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