Editorial: Chaos

POSTED: 09/11/12 12:18 PM

The health inspectorate apparently placed the St. Maarten Medical Center under so-called “higher supervision” on Saturday while Public Health Minister De Weever was unaware of it. There is no other explanation for this: the minister issued a statement on Sunday that contained all kinds of threats against the hospital, but it did not contain a word about the move by the inspectorate.
This creates the impression that, while the minister made a last ditch effort to pressure the hospital management and board to dance to his tune, his inspectorate jumped the cue and took action.
It all adds to the confusion that is now surrounding the medical center to the detriment of staff and patients.

Add to this the clear intention by at least one parliamentarian to shove aside the rules for corporate governance and the chaos is complete.
The ministers mission, as he stated on Sunday, to deal with this “delicate matter” in a professional way can hardly be called a success.

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