Editorial: Celebration time

POSTED: 11/26/12 2:26 PM

The Tempo birthday celebration began this past weekend but the critics are not convinced that the island is getting a premium deal. First it was $400,000 for Tempo, now the government seems to have found an additional $23,000 to pay local performers.

While Tempo boss Morton has in the recent past presented numbers that make the four hundred grand look like a pittance, the real effect of the whole project for the island is obviously at this moment unclear.

It has been criticized by UP-leader Heyliger and the celebration was also a hot topic for the letters-to-the-editor pages in both newspapers.

If we remember correctly, Tourism Minister Pantophlet expects to make his investment back from his share in the ticket-sales for the events. We don’t know how big this share is, but even if the government and Tempo split the entry fees down the middle, the events would have to attract something between 35,000 and 40,000 paying visitors to break even.

There is of course TV-exposure; we would love to hear how the government is going to measure the additional visitors this will bring to the island, and how that holds up against the investment. Once we know that, we will also know whether there is a reason to celebrate.

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