Editorial: Cards on the table

POSTED: 03/10/13 4:43 PM

The publication of the by now infamous Bada Bing bribery tape has provided everyone with interesting insights. The temptation to nail independent MP Patrick Illidge to the wall is probably too strong to resist for most and after watching the images several times we have to admit: this does not look good for him.
There is no doubt that Illidge accepted $15,000 from Bada Bing-boss Jaap van den Heuvel and there seems little doubt that this money is supposed to grease some wheels.
Taking bribes is bad but what really shocked us was Illidge’s statement we control the government. If readers think this sounds scary it is because this is scary.
If this is the way politics works in St. Maarten then for sure, our democracy is dead as a doornail. It remains to be seen what will happen next and if there will be any consequences for Illidge and “his” minister Roland Duncan.
It’s time for the opposition to put its cards on the table.

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Comments (2)


  1. William 47 says:

    Who will still be in office if all untrustworthy and selfish politicians and gouvernmentworkers were kicked out?

  2. feathermen' says:

    Me…and about 100 other educated st.maarters waiting in holland to get a job back home….