Editorial: Calypso-coup

POSTED: 05/2/12 11:55 AM

That Romain Laville was not a happy camper in his role as the faction-leader of Vice Prime Minister Theo Heyliger’s United People’s party was clear to us ever since he was forced to toe the line in the Pelican Resort saga.

Now that he has tendered his resignation to join forces with two independent parliamentarians, the price the UP is paying for bringing young Laville into the political arena has proven to be extremely high.

The National Alliance, the Democratic Party and Laville’s gang of independents are now banding together and they will force Heyliger into the gloomy opposition benches, a role Claude Wathey’s grandson is rather unfamiliar with.

Many voters will scratch their heads over the surprise announcement of a so-called team St. Maarten in the Carnival village. They’re still scratching their heads because the announcement was followed by a long radio silence.

While Laville did not elaborate yesterday, at least he confirmed that the political marriage of the independents with the National Alliance and the Democratic Party is a fact.

Now we’ll have to wait and see who will stay and who will have to go. There are of course many unanswered questions, but for the electorate the only one that matters is this one: will this new government do anything for me the previous government didn’t, or are they all in it only for themselves?

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