Editorial: Business is business

POSTED: 06/20/11 1:01 PM

Business is business, the Westin management must have thought when it told the government yesterday that it wanted cash up front for hosting a meeting of Justice Ministers this weekend. The hotel balked at the idea that the government planned to offset the costs of the meeting – estimated at $24,000 – against outstanding taxes.

It is generally accepted in the business world that it is not done to offset payments this way. If business A has an X-claim on business B and this claim is disputed, business A cannot offset a subsequent invoice of business B against this claim.

This is what the government attempted to do in the Westin-case – fast track the payment of taxes. Since we do not know the details of the fiscal claim we are not able to judge whether the government is correct by wanting to play it the way it did.

One thing is certain – every business has the right to set its own conditions for rendering service. The Westin did exactly that – no more, no less.

That the hotel has outstanding taxes is irrelevant. Businesses and the tax inspectorate have differences of opinion all the time and they get all settled in due time. As long as no further details about the fiscal claim become public, we feel that the Westin was within its rights to act the way it did.

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