Editorial: Business as usual

POSTED: 12/21/12 2:17 PM

The decision by Economic Affairs and Tourism Minister Romeo Pantophlet to allow stores to be open on New Year’s Day makes sense. It will be welcome by the business community that is still struggling with a lackluster economy.

A tourist destination has to behave like one, and that requires that businesses are open when there are customers in town.

Minister Pantophlet said yesterday that the decision about New Year’s Day is an exception. We think it ought to be the rule: give our business community the opportunity to offer their goods and services at all times when they feel the need to do so.

It will give employees the opportunity to make an extra buck as well – or create additional employment if businesses have to hire additional staff to cover the extended opening hours.

The French side does not on Boxing Day – it is business as usual, while the Dutch side is asleep. Why not join our neighbors?


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